House Extensions

If you are planning to extend your home, but wish only to use the best builders in Glasgow, you have come to the right place.

House-Extensions-GlasgowStellar Builders have a long held reputation for producing not the only the highest quality of workmanship, but also the highest level of personal service, ensuring you feel looked after through every step of the process.

Our commitment to client service will begin during our first meeting, arranged at your convenience, either at your home or in our Glasgow office, where we can discuss your requirements.

Our service extends to introducing you to our small circle of highly trained professionals, including architects, structural engineers and interior designers, who will listen carefully to your requirements and take you step by step from the planning stages, through to the construction stage and, once your project is complete, obtain all necessary completion certificates.

As part of our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction, we will maintain regular communication with you throughout the project, via telephone or email, as well as making regular site visits. You will be kept fully informed of how the project is progressing, and we will ensure that we provide you, and a neighbour should you wish, with at least one of our directors’ mobile numbers and office contact details along with the mobile number for the site foreman.

We understand how stressful these projects can be, not only for yourself, but also for your neighbours: it is for this reason that we are happy to arrange a meeting with neighbours to discuss any concerns they may have, typically time-scales  noise levels, dust and debris, site security and vehicles obstructing residents’ parking. We understand that allaying any concerns neighbours may have makes for a less stressful situation for our clients.


We take great pride in our work and view every project we undertake as an advertisement for our company. It is for this reason that we cannot accept every client who contacts us: over trading inevitably results in leaving some projects short of tradesmen, a sacrifice we are not willing to make. This is why Stellar Builders continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the best building contractors in Glasgow.